About Me

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley 
Me in Venice, winter 2018

Hi there! I’m Fernanda. Thanks for stopping by!

Not long ago while scrolling throughout the endless posts of a popular social network, I realized that despite holding a BA in International Relations, the most international experience in my life had been a romantic relationship with a Frenchman.

So, after wondering for months, I decided to take action! I quitted my job at the government of a very important Mexican city and left everything behind to travel without a fixed destination.

(Can someone be even more Millennial?)

Looking for mysticism and exotic adventures, I chose Morocco to be my next home. Little did I know about the multiple challenges waiting for me. Morocco pushes me to be better, smarter and stronger. I walk strange roads, eat captivating food and speak foreign languages in a land that is thousands of miles away from mine. I cannot help but believe this is another planet rather than somewhere in Northern Africa.

Before leaving Mexico my way of thinking resembled that of a tourist. But now, every day I learn precious knowledge that I shall share with you, which makes me more human, sensitive and aware of what is around me.

Join me in this adventure if you don’t want to be called a tourist, either!